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Lie Down in Peace and Sleep

Cynthia J. Terry

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


“Lie Down in Peace and Sleep” is a clarion call for prayer for first responders at all levels. It’s a devotional designed for first responders, their families and friends as well as thousands of community residents to develop a discipline of prayer and devotions leading to a good night’s sleep. One out of every three people say they either can’t get to sleep at night or have a hard time staying asleep. The signs of sleep deprivation are depression, irritability, fatigue, and forgetfulness. The lack of sleep can also influence or result in vehicular accidents, serious health problems, cloudy thinking, slow reaction times, weight loss or gain and impaired judgment. If one out of every police, fire, emergency medical or military person is not getting a good night’s sleep, how many people could it affect? This book is designed to support and uplift the ones that sacrifice selflessly to support and protect US! Let’s pray for our first responders and pray that they will be able to develop a dynamic prayer life so that they can sleep well for a better tomorrow.

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Devotional, Sleep, First Responders, Peace, The Ultimate First Responder, Prayer