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E.P. da Silva

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Rebeka McNeal is a 14 years old teenager who’s beautiful, yet naïve whom didn’t care on been in love with Nathan Will who was now 11 years old when she was. In the meantime, Nathan Will had also felt in love with her, but he couldn’t let her know because of their age. Not being able to let accept it, now Rebeka with a broken heart runway and try to take her life way. In desperation, Rebeka parents find Nathan, as he saves her life. Her parents give Nathan the respect to marry her been kind enough to save her life. Now other than just his loving wife, Nathan also has his closest friends knowing and been with him for a lifetime, whom also accepted his love and decision, that he had to pull through to her loving life with Rebeka. But all the time all life never goes as well as promised. Until death do we part? Is that going to be good or bad? Their life went well for a while, but some years later Rebeka falls in love with someone else. Drugs, violence, and hallucinations come back to time. Is the love of Rebeka beauty that Nathan had for her all that time is still going to be there? Temptation-perception-broken heart-a sad life Who’s going to end up with?

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Fiction, Love Story, E.P. DA SILVA