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California, the Lies Behind the Sunshine

My Journey, My Story, My Life


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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


I thought this Journey was it! I thought leaving New York, behind to find “Success”, would be easy. I thought that the grass was greener on the other side of the World... and it was. I was running towards the Sunshine; where everyone was happy, life was good…but it wasn’t. I wanted to be Famous! I wanted everyone to know Ms. Boss Lady! That was “my” plan…but it wasn’t God’s plan. I asked God for this Journey, but I wanted to do it my way; I wanted God to just, “get me to California”, and I would take it from there. I didn’t know “what was going to happen along the way”. Before I knew it, I began my Journey to beautiful sunny California! God brought me to a different world, that I knew nothing about; and since I wanted to do it “my way”, he released me amongst People, Places and Things that I never saw before, who I didn’t understand. The only “Armor”, God gave me to survive was Faith and Belief; along with what he had given me from Birth, which was “Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding; and that became a very important tool for my survival; the “Faith and Belief” was the Key. I had the Key, but I didn’t know it. My Journey would become my “Life Story”. If I wanted to be successful, in my Journey, I had to do it God’s way, I had to learn the “hard way”. What I went through was, not to “test” me, but to “challenge” my Faith and my Belief, and it was hard! The Trials, and Tribulations was horrific, I fought Giants that tried to stop me, the Storms just kept coming. I lost everything in those Storms, I wasn’t living, I was just existing. Where was God!

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