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Power of Me

Discover the Future

Keith Timewell

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


This book is designed to aid readers to create an mind shift of change in their thinking by interactivity using the personal touch sheet after each chapter to make a commitment to update what they want to start doing and what they want to stop doing this over ten chapter building a mind map to change thinking in line with the massive change happening throughout the world as result of darkest time we ever had to endure going through change the world as we've know it to met the future changes Power f Me . Will carry a message of hope, a journey of self discovery to reveal who you truly are, that the mind shifts, from living in denial to living in hope. The chapters share the author's experience, strength and hope and by an ongoing unique formula designed to monitor growth, called 3 circles for life. Then ultimately change your life and thinking will switch from thinking, what is the worst thing could happen,to thinking what would be the best results, a mind shift to experience a new way of thinking and start living in hope with each chapter being food for thought to empowering you in these difficult times let go of your fears and anxiety and having the love, respect and appreciation for other and for yourselves will give you the freedom to reach your true self, start living in hope having taken back you life by achievement of the Power of you.



Inspirational, Self-help