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Love with a Capital C

Olly Makenzie

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Mr K. E. Horleston 1 Lockwood Close, Kingsley Holt, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. ST10 2BN Tele 01538 753192 Mob 07855 230798. Email This is a fictional story of a girl named Elizabeth and the book is from her point of view. It starts in her school days identifying her lifelong friend Julie. Elizabeth goes on to become a qualified solicitor and during her training she meets Gerry Drake, the owner of a couple of nightclubs in town and subsequently falls in love with him. As things progress she goes to live with him in his large country house. As their relationship develops, Gerry gets into a gambling debt to a Bill West, the owner of a local Casino. To pay the debt off, Elizabeth has sex with Bill only to find that her partner Gerry had already paid off the debt in cash a few days earlier. Bill West having videoed their altercation tries to blackmail Elizabeth but as things progress, Bill dies of a heart attack. As a result of his death, Elizabeth acquires a number of CDs and when playing one of them, comes across a woman name Mary whom she falls deeply in love with and starts a torrid love affair. Their secret affair has a disastrous effect on Mary’s husband Gerald and as the affair progresses, Mary develops terminal breast cancer. Over the following months, Mary’s condition starts to affect both families and friends and during this period Elizabeth becomes pregnant and the story ends where one life begins where another ends. Main Characters :- Elizabeth Jones / Drake, Her story. Gerry Drake, Elizabeth’s partner and club owner. Julie, Elizabeth’s lifelong friend. Mary Kelsall, Elizabeth’s lover. Gerald Kelsall, Mary’s husband. Bill West, Casino owner.

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Lesbian, Love, fiction