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A Recovery Plan

T. Rose

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     A sobering & timely, autobiographical journey of a young career woman's climb to success only to have her dream shattered by addiction. Choosing recovery was the only answer she had left if she was to avoid a gravestone only inches from her reality.

     Tiffy Rose Baker was an accomplished young career woman on a fast track ascent up the ladder in the new age of technology when the scrouge of cocaine shattered her dream of making it to the top to shatter the glass ceiling. We followed her down in the free fall from the spotlight of success through the glittering clubs and nightlife to walking the mean streets and dark alleys of addiction in "The Big Trap... Just One Last High." 

     Follow her now as she crawls from the trap battered and broken defying the demon to drag her back into the darkness searching for redemption and recovery into a new life. Share her journey with a few trusted sponsors and hear the dark truths unveiled on therapists' couches as she walks twelve steps through a hundred smokey rooms shaping a new dream she could believe in.

     The long road back... is now her freedom.


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Drugs, Life, Serenity, Health, Freedom, Recovery, Joy, Spirituality, Happiness, Alcohol, Coping