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Beautiful Beasts

A Collection of Visceral Horror

Jae Mazer

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Death is welcome here… Come peruse the beasts within. This collection is filled with short stories and flash fiction that is gouged by talons, covered in feathers, slick with scales, coiled in tentacles, stripped of flesh, and even tainted by the beasts we call human. You’ll find cancer treatments gone horribly awry, a homeless child who hides more than her face behind her scraggly hair, an old western villain who isn’t quite what she seems, and a pair of women who learn to spread their wings and fly. You’ll find beasts you couldn’t conjure in your worst nightmares in places you never would have imagined they’d hide. So peek inside that dark room, take that walk through the woods, creep down that alley, stroll on that dark beach, and come face-to-face with beasts as beautiful as they are horrible. 

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