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Red Flag!

Do You Know When You're Being Played?

Soneakqua J. White

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


There are people in this world who mean to do us harm. Some of them play on our emotions and some of them just flat out take what they want no matter how it makes us feel. Have you ever looked back on a situation and wondered how you missed the warning signs? You say to yourself “I got played!” Did you get played by a person or were you played by your own mind? How did that happen?  Hindsight is 20/20, but what if you could see it coming. What if you could keep a loved one from walking into a living nightmare? Would you do it?            This book helps you break down real life examples of manipulation and abuse that people fall prey to. Then it goes even deeper into the triggers that can be experienced after the trauma has taken place. Most importantly, it gives you options of how to recognize, avoid and/or deal with the circumstances.            It is impossible to catch every Red Flag! because we want to see the good in others. Often times, we ignore the things we need to take heed to because we just do not want to it to be the case. After all, no one would intentionally hurt you…would they? Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? While there are certainly opportunities to allow for mistakes, there are some things where a simple “I’m sorry” just will not suffice. Set your boundaries and keep a watchful eye. Know it when you see it and call it what it is…a Red Flag!

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