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Finding a Sweet Relationship

Seven Simple Steps

Marcella Atwater

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The seven steps of The Comfort Method provide tools and strategies that will guide you through the process of self-discovery, and the starting and maintaining of meaningful relationships. Understanding oneself is critical to any relationship, and Step 1 shares with you the key components of self-assessment. In Step 2, you learn how past relationships can hinder the growth of a current relationship or the start of a new one. After you evaluate yourself and your past relationships, Step 3 aims to help you protect and maintain personal safety, especially during the formative stage of a relationship. Step 4 explains the significance of relationship agreements and expectations in relationships. Next, Step 5 shows how friendship, respect, open communication, and trust interconnect to build healthy relationships. Following that, Step 6 focuses on the importance of reflecting on relationships. Finally, Step 7 shares with you indicators that suggest you and your partner are ready for a deeper and closer relationship, and the need for clarity about the direction in which your relationship is headed.

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