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We Are All Jacob's Children

A Tale of Hope, Wisdom, and Faith

Noah benShea

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There is no more inspiring a guide for coping in a complicated world than Jacob the Baker. His plainspoken wisdom and commonsense approach—delivered with compassion, humor, and understanding—provide nourishment for the soul. In his parables, Jacob ponders universal questions both profound and simple, and he offers hope, comfort, and direction in the midst of life’s daunting but sometimes wondrous challenges.Confronting head-on the issues of love, grief, faith, and acceptance, Jacob speaks with us, not at us, about making peace with the past; about the importance of integrity, kindness, and honesty; about doing right rather than being right; and most of all, about finding inner peace. A lifetime in the writing, this book should be shared with loved ones and strangers like the invaluable gift it is. Keep it close in your life, as a gift to you.

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