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Hold Your Corner

Discovering The Secrets To Successful Leadership Through Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith

G. Patrick Griffin

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I am convinced that my father George Griffin’s story, and what he stood for, transcends race, time, religion or financial situation. In fact, it was the impetus for writing this book because it entails the universal story of victory, success and achievements that he realized against all odds. As such, I feel it is my duty to keep alive the spirit of the sacrifices and dedication all men of my father’s ilk freely gave to future generations.As such, I feel it is my duty to keep alive the spirit of the sacrifices and dedication all men of my father’s ilk freely gave to future generations.Great Leaders are transformational.  Simply put, great leaders create the atmosphere and vision needed to motivate others to success. A company’s bottom line depends on their insight. Championships are won as a result of their ability to coach. Leaders possess an innate ability to see the long game. In Hold Your Corner, G. Patrick Griffin reveals his formula for great leadership through lessons learned from his father, George W. Griffin. With more than 20 years of experience in various corporate leadership positions, Patrick has developed a blueprint for successful leadership. Hold Your Cornerilluminates the HARP Method (Humility, Authenticity, Resilience and Persistent Faith), which unpacks what he considers to be four essential leadership traits that must be embodied by all successful leaders. These principles are not just for those seeking corporate leadership roles but also for people seeking master level direction in other areas of life including place of worship, school and personal relationships. Each informative chapter is followed by real-life stories that place the lesson in proper perspective. After reading Hold Your Corner, you will feel inspired, motivated and eager to unleash your inner leadership potential.

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