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Live An Artful Life

The Art of Living Artfully

Thomas Neel

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Through an appreciation for inspiration and creativity, career fine artist, Thomas Neel, using his 30 years of personal experience, passionately guides you through the lasting benefits of happiness, self improvement and stress relief found in living artfully.

As a pathway to happiness, Live An Artful Live offers an enlightened perspective on the benefits of immersing one’s self into the activity of, and the appreciation for the arts and creativity. Learning how and why to live carefree, helps relieve the mental burdens of adult  responsibilities. This fosters happiness, and personal growth, thus relieving stress and assisting in our well being..

Modern life has become a 24/7 news cycle, designed to grab you with fear and anxiety, while seemingly selling you the latest pharmaceuticals. If the side effects of the drugs weren’t enough, the stressful side effects of the constant bombardment of it all, certainly is. Live An Artful Life is the stop and smell the roses approach for everyone. The message is simple.

  • Live - Not to just exist, not just the time between birth and death, but to live and experience life!
  • Artful - Showing creative skill, cleverness or taste!
  • Life - Again, not to just exist, but to possess the capacity to grow!

In other words, to Live An Artful Life is to grow through experiencing the power of creativity, the freedom of imagination, and sharing your inspiration with others.  It’s not only knowing art exists, it’s allowing artful things to live within and around you—there to inspire you and bring you joy, to be another language or voice.

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