A Pilgrimage of Churches

Ron Starbuck

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


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A Pilgrimage of Churches arises from the landscape of the Great Plains, the people who live there, who work the land, and who worship together in community on the Sabbath Day. They hold a heritage of faith and devotion that is an American story. It is our story. The desire here is to tell it with a Quaker simplicity and sacramental sincerity as a part of an American family’s legacy and attentiveness. It is a story of remembrance too. In this effort, the work draws from a rich literary tradition that is uniquely American, one that emulates an elder artistic and liturgical language, which uncovers and animates the pastoral beauty on the earth and a people’s dedication to their belief. As a vision, the hope is to reveal its inhabitants and their history as persons of faith, celebrating an intimate connection with the land that flourishes still, helping to feed a 21st century world.

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