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The Thread

Let God Into Your Heart And Achieve Intentional Transformation

Leonie Mattison

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Ratgeber / Familie


Let God into your heart and remember that you are not alone through this journey. A self-help book, unlike any other, The Thread will share with you personal stories, prayers, poems, activities, and journal prompt, which will guide you day-by-day through your healing journey.

Discover how Leonie H. Mattison achieved intentional transformation through Christ, and as you read, find hope even in your most challenging times. A childhood filled with adverse, severe experiences left Leonie with post-traumatic stress disorder, a prisoner in her soul, and trapped in her mind. As a single mother of three, when she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw a broken girl with a sick soul, a noisy mind, and a traumatized heart.

The Thread was born out of these life-shattering circumstances. In a tapestry of stories, Leonie shares her struggles, pairing them with tales of women in the Bible who also faced severe tragedy, trial, or failure. She leads readers along a gentle path that shows them how they responded in faith and explains the thread is created in each of them. The result is a resounding six-step T.H.R.E.A.D call to action to help you:

  • Think of the Outcome You Want to Achieve
  • Harvest the Lessons You Have Learned and Heal Your Heart
  • Release Fear and Reclaim Your Life
  • Enlist Allies to Support the Woman Who Has Been Locked Inside
  • Adopt New Mindsets to Break the Hurtful Patterns and Create New Healthy Behaviors
  • Design Your Joyful Life and Enjoy It 

The women of The Thread have the courage to discover, embrace, and accelerate their God-given purpose. Leonie's prayer is that each beloved reader will recognize that they, too, are worthy of love, can find freedom, and enjoy closeness with God.

Embark on your journey today and begin the transformation of your life. Don't hesitate; order your copy today.

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