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The Summit

Journey to Hero Mountain

Deborah Johnson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


THE SUMMIT is an allegorical tale of Mallery, our female protagonist who hides her ideas in a book beneath her pillow.

She decides to escape the constraints of the land of Baybel to pursue her Summit, which holds the promise of a bigger and better future. In this realistic fantasy, she crosses multiple terrains, mountainous caverns, and rocky hills. Along the way, she discovers she has the courage and everything within her to press on to reach the very top.

        Mallery, which means "the unfortunate and insignificant one," uses her Band of Hope to affirm her ideas, strengths, and uniqueness to set her apart from the ordinary. She emerges from the tangled forest, cave of discovery, and bridge of possibility strong and fearless, ready to meet her future.

Readers will enjoy the magical realism of traveling through the different lands. Especially relevant for today is the Land of Allure and the Social Media Circus, which serve to distract Mallery from her goal. 

Only after she gets stuck on a roundabout does she see the emptiness in what's not real. Mallery has to regain her focus to stick with her larger purpose in getting to her Summit, which is atop Hero Mountain®. The principles she learns along the way not only contribute to her success, but are applicable for most any reader.

To review a book like this one is a huge privilege. BECAUSE, it previews the multitude of readers who will be deeply challenged and inspired in their life journey to go 'big', to 'go beyond' to believe where others doubt and diminish their dreams. Highly  recommended...amazing gift!

Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, Past Nat'l President of the National Speakers Association

Past President of the International Federation of Professional Speakers

Note from the Author:

My hope is for you to reach your successful Summit as you make decisions to conquer your own obstacles and demons of personal and professional development that hold you back from reaching your potential.

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