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The Silent Sound of Darkness

Sue Skalicky

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Facebook friend request glares back at Jaclyn Friedman. It is the face of her childhood abuser. She holds her breath as she looks at how age has sculpted his face with an unfamiliar texture. Nightmares rush to the surface. Adrenalin strikes her heart at full force. His eyes pierce her soul through the screen with the same fearful message she suffered as a child. Be silent or your family will die. Twenty-three years ago she believed him to be dead. Now, he’s invaded her carefully constructed life. The shameful secret she has carried alone all these years now threatens to become deadly. Breaking the silence could be the only way for Jaclyn and her family to escape alive.

The Silent Sound of Darkness is a compelling look at the impact of childhood abuse and the deadliness of the silence that too often follows.  

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Christian suspense, thriller, Christian thriller, suspense, redemption, women, hope