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The Bridge to the New Testament: A Comprehensive Guide to the Forgotten Years of the Inter-Testament Period

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Denny Sissom

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The Bridge to the New Testament covers the 420 years between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament.  This period gave birth to who we are today—our politics, laws, science, mathematics, institutions, and even the values and philosophies we hold dear.  Western civilization undoubtedly would be different today if not for the Jews, Greeks, and Romans and their contributions to society.

Through figures, tables, photos, and maps, the history of the inter-testament is told, woven among the tales of kings, tyrants, and peasants.  The multifaceted series of events, which led to the opening pages of the New Testament, were orchestrated one-by-one as the people of the inter-testament did their part, good or bad, to contribute to their society.  Therein, the following topics are covered in-depth:

• Old Testament Survey

• Alexander the Great and His Successors

• The Roman Republic and Its Notable Leaders

• The Greek, Ptolemaic, and Seleucid Empires

• The Maccabean and Hasmonean Dynasties

• The Prefects, Procurators, Kings, Governors, and Legates of Judea

• Herod the Great and the Herodian Dynasty

• Jewish and Roman Calendars & Timekeeping

• Science and Engineering of the Period

• The Roman Empire, Its Military, and Its Emperors

• The Three Jewish Temples and Temple Mounts

• Apocryphal and Religious Writings of the Period

• The Money of the Inter-Testament and New Testament

• The Sects, Politics, and Institutions of the Jews

• Jewish High Priests

• The Genealogies of Jesus

• The Roman Conquest of Jerusalem and Masada

• Life in Ancient Times

• The Spread of the Gospel by the Apostles

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