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FINANCES | The Other F Word

O Mel

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Musicians, Arts, Entertainment and Media fields often find while they are given the gift of songwriting and performing, they severely lack in the finance department.  As a result of this, they sometimes find themselves in compromising situations when preparing for life goals, studio recordings, or taking a gig that will end up costing them money.  Often this can be averted by a general understanding of finances in the greater sense, leading them to more ease in expanding their comfort level with finances or heeding their business or band managers’ advice.  This book compliments business or band managers in educating their clients so that the managers themselves can focus more on profit-making endeavors. Self-promoting musicians who are trying to learn basic finance in order to make smart business decisions will also find this book helpful, without being put to sleep while reading it.  At the least, this book gives you a good comprehensive knowledge so that you can sit in front of an advisor and see through any potential BS. 

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