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Are You Compatible or Fu*ked?

Every Relationship Compatibility Question You Need to Ask and Answer

Andre Phillip

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The love paradigm of relationships has run its course; it's obsolete. Our parents stayed together from a sense of duty. Their parents coupled from need. We chose infatuation and love.  Love no longer preserves relationships if you're not compatible. The book explores how and why relationships fail. Traditionally we've relied on infatuation and emotion and hoped for the best. This book offers tools, questions, discussions and examples which demonstrate that without compatibility relationships will not cultivate enough substance to sustain.If you've been through three failed relationships and one unpleasant divorce you have first hand experience of the emotional turmoil, anguish and agony of all the unanswered questions as to what went wrong, am I not good enough and what could I have done differently when the only question which matters is, "Were we compatible?"Partners must first know who they are in order to recognize the qualities of a potential partner; then find their "sovereign voices" to address each other with anchored respect, unflinching honesty, unending exploration and depth. We owe it to each other to remain interesting, suspend the superficial and replace frivolous entertainment with experiential development of our personal and sexual selves. The advent of reproductive choice, equal access to education and employment opportunity has brought the Cinderella story to a natural close. We must view and respect each other as equals as we seek to encourage the best of each other's intellect and emotion to form more fulfilling relationships.This book is the first word in relationship compatibility and invites us to hold each other accountable to a higher standard for entering and preserving our relationship.More than love, more than education, more than communication, more than money; Compatibility is everything.

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