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Betraying Eyes

Dee Wiggins

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Lou Jensen's life has been filled with one catastrophic drama after another, and she is tired of praying and waiting on God to help her.  After discovering her detective husband's latest affair, she is not only angry at him, she is also angry at God.  She has been faithful to them both for years, but now she just wants revenge.  While packing her husband's belongings, she stumbles across evidence suggesting he is involved in illegal activity with a disreputable religious organization.

Seeking resources to investigate her husband, as well as gainful employment to support her children, Lou accepts a job with the handsome Christian private investigator Steve Elliott and is instantly transported into a life of breathtaking intrigue, danger and twisting turns of berayal.  Steve patiently warns that her fight is not against her husband, but against the dark forces in the heavenly realms.  The last thing Lou wants to do is place her trust in God or another man, but every new discovery inthe investigation raises the danger level for her family and forces her back to the same crossroad.  She must continue down her current path of vengence, or take the leap of faith that God truly is a loving Father.

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