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Unpacking Life's big problems to expose the smaller more manageable issues inside

Antone Ade

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UNBOXED shares a story that illustrates how seemingly trivial actions can have consequences that reverberate through generations. With every action, with every day we live, we create the future. Of course, forces beyond human control also have influence, but it is how one’s choices relate to these external events that determine the outcome. The book is about developing good problem-solving skills. This 15k words, non-fiction piece is written in the lifestyle design genre. It has a “One Minute Manager” feel. In it, we see, everyone has problems whether; social, physical, economic, or environmental. This book shows how to break down issues, like bricks on a wall, to uncover your true obstacle. No matter your station in life, the ability to breakdown issues, and analyze the best choices will lead to a better life.

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