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Dandelion in the Wind

A Love Story

Alexandra Panic

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Ratgeber / Familie


“Dandelion in the Wind” is a sensual love story of a coastal wind in a small port town who falls in love with Dessa, a young woman uncertain about her sexual identity. “Dandelion in the Wind” researches possibilities: What if winds could tell stories? What if winds could fall in love? What if rocks could fall in love? Or rivers? Or trees? Would that love be real or imagined? And how would the wind’s eternal soul survive the transience of time, the brevity of human life? What if the woman loved the wind? Would there be a way for those unorthodox lovers to come together when one of them cannot take on a form? "Dandelion in the Wind" is an allegorical story about love imagined, of illusions we hold onto after relationships are over. It speaks to the lovers who have experienced the improbability of lasting happiness, the impossibility of overcoming differences and obstacles. The narrative is lyrical and rich in sensory details, the voice of the wind is haunting but optimistic, and the message comes through easily even though embedded in the symbolism of the story.

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Pacific Northwest, LGBTQ, love and relationships, wind, adult literary fiction, short fiction, romance