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Blue's River

Kathleen Marie Doyle

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Andie Grove must do one more assignment before she graduates from the fifth grade and spends her summer days swimming at Silver Lake. There is only one problem. She is terrified of public speaking.

Old Blue loves history and has been the guardian of the Saint Jones River for 400 years. There is only one thing that he fears more than great-horned owls and bald eagles: the destruction of his river.

For centuries, Blue’s river has taken great care of people and other living beings, always giving them what they needed.

Now the river has reached the point where it cannot give anymore.

Old Blue believes Andie is the right human to save his river.

Together, they travel through history where Andie learns how and why her town of Dover, Delaware, developed along the Saint Jones and how a growing population took advantage of a generous river.

Can a ten-year-old girl who is afraid to do a simple speech save Blue’s river?

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Delaware watersheds, Delaware science teachers, YA Delaware History, Delaware social studies teachers, The St. Jones River Delaware, YA Environmental Activism, Dover Delaware