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Understanding Chipped Stone Tools

Brian Hayden

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Sachbuch / Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Antike


This is a unique and engaging book on prehistoric stone tools. It advocates an experiential approach in which analysts try to understand stone tool designs from the users' perspectives, and employs a universal logic of designing tools to solve practical problems and evaluating various possible solutions. However, to do so it is also necessary to understand how stone can be mechanically modified to serve specific functions. The author enlists a rich array of ethnographic observations and considerable background as a flintknapper to show the basic ways in which stones can be flaked and modified and what these characteristics can reveal about prehistoric problem-solving strategies and design constraints. This is an invaluable primer for anyone contemplating the study of prehistoric stone tools."


Deborah Olausson, Lund University
"A sophisticated introduction to basic lithic analysis, written in an informal and engaging style. Employing a design theory perspective and stressing a need for active experimentation, it views lithic artifacts as a solution to substantive problems and sociopolitical realities. An excellent lithics primer." Christopher J. Ellis, University of Western Ontaio "In this excellent primer, Hayden uses his extensive background in ethnographic and experimental work to introduce students to stone tools and offers them a framework for how to think about with stone tool technology. I wish I could have written this book!" Robert L. Kelly, University of Wyoming "The author draws on his lifelong experimentation with lithic materials, ethnographic investigations, and conversations with knappers and archaeologists in compiling this comprehensive primer. Using design theory as the theoretical fulcrum, Hayden provides practical, down-to-earth advice about how to tackle lithic assemblages."



Anthropology, European Prehistory, Stone Tools, Archaeology