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Tales From A Country Ghetto

J.J. West

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Belletristik / Humor, Satire, Kabarett


Thirty six stories about life, liquor, and lewd conduct when a retired reform school teacher turns his family farm into North Idaho’s most notorious backwoods boarding house.

Rural rascality abounds on George Mooney’s sprawling ranch in North Idaho after he opens his home to anyone with ten bucks and a handshake. Hang on for George’s steep learning curve as a budding slumlord when he faces the hijinks and horrors of human behavior from all walks of life.

Meet real people with real problems: grifters and drifters, stoners and strippers, the wanna-be cowboy with a penchant for wine and women, the country thug with anger issues, religious zealots and the chainsaw jihadist, the nutty ex-wife who tears everything apart, and bumbling old George himself.

This collection of gritty tales from a country ghetto will entertain the reader and remind them that background checks never looked so good!

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humorous short stories, country living, humorous fiction, retired teacher, farm, humor, north idaho