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Ethereal Secrets

Shadows of Otherside Book 3

Whitney Hill

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Belletristik / Fantastische Literatur


Book 3 in the Shadows of Otherside Series

Arden Finch's conflict with her former guardian reaches the breaking point.

As Arden's power grows, Callista works to twist the alliance away from her once more. To secure her ties with Otherside, Arden must outmaneuver both enemies and allies in a race against time. Between that and complications with the upcoming Reveal, a high-pressure case is exactly what Arden doesn't need.

But the goddess Artemis has a task, one that will push Arden to her limits and force her to question everything. And as the Wild Hunt draws closer, she finds herself on a collision course with her past-and her future.

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african american, female protagonist, hard-boiled, black protagonist, urban fantasy, private investigator, north carolina