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First Chronicles of James

James Causey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


All our desires come from within; everyone is born a blank tape with the will to live. Day to day, our knowledge increases to the point of independence. Always Remember yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't promised, so we must do whatever it takes to make ourselves happy. Use your imagination to visualize what you desire. The universe, with all our good intentions, will do the rest. Using this affirmation, James F. Causey composed a two-part series. Causation First Chronicles of James starts with fourteen multi-genre short stories full of thought, challenging elements, and adventure.


James takes his readers on an invoking journey experiencing the life of complex characters and their relationships, tackling the essential issues faced in our times. Intriguing from the first story's theory about earth's history. He continues to entertain with stories of suspense, fantasy, sci-fi fantasy where scientists are challenging our way of life, and ordinary people are just trying to survive.


Not overlooking the most powerful emotion of humanity, James ends his book with the

power of the human spirit to thrive amid adversity guided by the spirit to transcend because of love.  

All things have a cause. How we deal with it...

 is the true meaning of enlightenment...



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fantasy, aliens, fiction, short stories, science fiction, social drama, vampires