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Every Beaten Path

Sarah Jenkins

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When Nick Miller left his father's house at eighteen to pursue a music career, he had no intention of coming back. But years later when a night of heavy drinking ends in tragedy, returning home becomes his only option. Painful childhood memories surface as tensions escalate between him and his father, driving Nick toward a dangerous path of self-destruction. Music is his only refuge, the one thing holding him together. Until he meets Jess.


Jess Neill is struggling too. Shattered by grief, she has taken comfort in closing herself off from the world, despite pressure to move forward from her overprotective brother, Mark. The harder Mark pushes, the more distant Jess becomes. . . until she meets a brilliant musician with a beautiful gift who seems to understand her pain in a way no one else can.


With Jess's help, Nick may finally be able to make amends with his father and rebuild his broken life. But he has much to learn about family, friendship, and his place in the world before he can pick up the pieces and start over, and he'll risk losing everything if he cannot learn how to love himself and let go of the past.



redemption, home, band, Contemporary, hope, tragedy, love, adult, loss, family, drama, grief, friendship, inspiration, community, musician