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True Love Knot


DonnaLee Overly

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


       Caregivers are described as angels on earth. Newlywed, Gabby King, pursues this role as she cares for her husband, now in a coma after being trampled by a bull. With hope vanishing that he will recover, to escape her painful reality, she falls from grace after an intimate night with her former lover, Richard, whose ambition is to run for Texas governor. Her one night with Richard becomes problematic when she discovers she's pregnant wrecking her plan to commit a modern day, Romeo and Juliet murder/suicide. Engulfed with guilt, she isolates from family and friends until her wealthy daddy, Wayne King, takes matters into his hands and devises a plan.

            Maintaining social distance to avoid a political scandal, Gabby pretends her husband fathered her child. Also to avert attention, Richard has a relationship with his campaign manager, Amanda.  Gabby still grieving for her husband, and torn between wanting a future with Richard.

      Given a True Lover's Knot bracelet, a symbol for good relationships and good fate, Gabby feels deceived. As this dramatic coming-of-age story unfolds, Gabby finds strength to reset her life's compass. Can the bracelet's promise still hold true? 

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dramatic, governor, pregnant, Caregivers, coming-of-age, lover, political