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Killing Karma

Eldred Bird

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Reclusive writer James McCarthy has never stepped over the line. For the first thirty years of his life, he's walked a narrow path prescribed by his overprotective mother. The freelance journalist has always taken the high road, avoiding all manner of temptations. If good karma were money, James would be an extraordinarily rich man.

Hiding behind the mask his pen name, Josh McDaniel, James dreams of exciting adventures and world travels, then shares them with his readers, all while staying locked away and safe from the world outside.

But following "Rose's Rules" has come with a price.  James has gathered little experience to back up the vast amount of knowledge he has gained through the research required by his chosen vocation.

Alone and with nowhere else to turn after the death of his mother, James decides it's time to leave the safety of his little house in central Phoenix, stretch his wings, and see what really lurks outside his door.

Venturing out into the world for the first time, James finds he is ill equipped to deal with the challenges he must face. With the help of newfound friends and allies, James begins making a few withdrawals from his "Bank of Karma." Will his decision pay dividends, or will he end up overdrawing his account?

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escape, Irish, Arizona, Phoenix, police, coming of age