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The 5 Lessons Of Christmas

A Forensic Analysis Of The Story Of Christmas

Ademola Borode

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Are there lessons hidden in Christmas for humans to learn? It is common knowledge that many people, especially Christians, gather to celebrate Christmas at about the end of the year. In the part of the world where I grew up, Christmas is usually referred to as the Smaller celebration while the New year is referred to as the Bigger celebration. Despite that diminutive term, Christmas was when we looked forward to receiving new Christmas clothing from our parents and slipping into them on Christmas morning. We would eat once-a-year meals and go to church to celebrate with other family and friends. That was all Christmas meant to me at my young age. However, as I became older and started searching for life's meaning, I began to question life's occurrences and human actions, among other things. One of the questions I pondered, was the purpose of Christmas, aside from the usual merriments and festivities. Were there any lessons that the God who gave us Christmas wanted us to learn from this season? I had always heard preachers say in churches during sermons that God's actions are intentional with lessons to learn from each of them. This idea inspired me to study and forensically analyze the story of Christ's birth in the book of Mathew, and in that quest, I discovered the hidden lessons of Christmas. Please join me as I take a deep look at these lessons and explore their meanings and implications for our lives.



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