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The Rainmaker

Fundamentals of the Car Dealer's Desk Manager

Chris Martinez

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From the author of Driving Sales, The Drive to 30, and The Unfair Advantage comes a straightforward, powerful guide for desk managers ready to become rainmakers. 

Most desk managers believe that printing out a four square or saying "No" to a salesperson on a proposed deal makes them a strong team member. In reality, what makes a great desk manager is the ability to be a rainmaker. 

If you've wondered what it takes to grow a dealership without all the fancy advertising and gimmicks and why your role as desk manager is critically important, this comprehensive pocket guide is for you. 

You will discover:

  • What it takes to be the strongest strategy player possible
  • How to encourage a shared mindset among your sales professionals
  • Common desk manager pitfalls (and how to avoid them completely)
  • The most effective way to conduct a proper turn
  • Ways to make the most of your service bay 
  • Powerful ways to present a deal to the lender
  • Six practical ways to find great deals (where you haven't thought to look!)

   If you want to maximize your sales while helping your people grow, it's time for you to become a rainmaker.

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