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Beyond the Blockade

Seeking Beauty in Melancholy


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Ketmanee Tychsen img Link Publisher

Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


Ketmanee's neoteric collection of poetry and prose about growth exploring the dualities of identity, desire, sexuality, and manifestations of the ego. Structured as a poetic symphony, the book further invokes passionate musings of pain and time.

Featuring complementary ink illustrations from up-and-coming artist Michael Barr Waltz, the book dissects provocative and existential motifs of life as seen and experienced through the eyes and body of a young lover. The collection is divided into five distinct movements symbolizing different periods of growth and reflection - Overture, Clavier Sonata, Scarlet Suite, Pathétique Lamentoso, Coda - that are used to underscore and amplify a visceral narrative. 

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