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Dear Self, Grow Up Already!

Guide To Maturing Your Inner YOU.

Renee Lowry

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Forget the old ideas about how to best deal with your emotions and protect your mental health... There is a better way!

This book is for anyone who has:

-anxieties that repeat. 

-struggled with mental health. 

-negative thoughts that play on a spiraling loop.

-wanted to be in complete control of their thoughts and emotions.

-desired to not only overcome your obstacles, but learn how to use them to build the life you have always wanted.

Renee Lowry, International Best Selling Author and Coach, highlights the principles of The BLUEprint Method™ in this book so you can build the life you want, not only live the life you have. She walks you through each step so that you can master these techniques for yourself and forever be designing and living the life you most desire. She will take you from a place of confusion and emotional distress to a place of clarity using your own personal guidance system. Using The BLUEprint Method™, you will learn the skills to take control and never feel at the mercy of emotions again. 

You already have the roadmap to building your perfect life, you just need to learn to read it. Find out how inside.

This book, from best selling author Renee Lowry, unlocks the secrets to a deeper understanding of yourself and the true purpose of how you are to use your emotions to help build your life intentionally. The author walks you through six easy to follow steps that help you learn to accept yourself as you are, learn how your emotions are meant to help you, and to get all the things that you want from life by designing and planning it that way. The book shows you a unique perspective on how to think about dealing with life, people, and how to think about mental health and emotions. The six steps are The BLUEprint Method™, (Building Life Using Emotions). Read it to find the secrets to escaping your funk. Read it to better understand yourself. Read it to know how to deal with toxic or troublesome situations. The BLUEprint Method™ is the tool that Renee Lowry uses in her coaching and writing to help others build and live life authentically and emotionally well. 

"In Grow Up Already! Lowry challenges the common terms 'normal' and 'depressed' in order to challenge the reader to do the reflective work necessary to use The BLUEprint Method. She implies no one else can be you and you can be no one else - so measure yourself against yourself - and no other. Open yourself up to reading this book and doing the exercises within it; growth is around the corner! " -Amy L Beaulieu, LICSW, 3 Shoes, Inc.

"Renee is fantastic. She is a gift from heaven using the tools from The BLUEprint Method." - Renata T., GA

"This encourages you to become a conscientious participant in your life, to make well-thought out, healthy choices."- Amy L., NY

"The BLUEprint Method taught me that my happiness really is within my control, and it has become a guide in my daily interactions with other people." A. Miller, TX



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