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Joanne Kwan

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Patience Firmin has grown accustomed to her own company after her parents' passing. But one day, after a seemingly innocuous delivery, she becomes the host to a monstrous parasitic skull that needs her body to live. Somehow, despite this disruption to her normal life, Patience learns to adapt to her strange new partner.

As they work on establishing an emotional and physical relationship, the return of Patience's old suitor tests their new bond. Though indifferent to Patience's old flame at first, the skull grows concerned over his host's rekindled relationship with the easygoing guitarist. To top it all off, a dangerous, aloof hunter wants to take the skull for himself, and in his pursuit becomes entangled with Patience.

The monster, the musician, and the hunter; balancing the desires of each will send Patience on the emotional journey of a lifetime. In the company of these men, she discovers her own wants and needs-but is the cost of following her heart worth it?



teratophilia, age gaps, edwardian, supernatural, kink, monster love, cryptid, american, polyamory, alternate history, exophilia, may december, poly, monster sex, love story, monster, romance, new adult, monster romance, historical fantasy, female protagonist, monster boyfriend, happily for now