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Body, Where You Belong

Red Book of Poetic Theology for Artists

Christ John Otto

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Christian artists and creative people often feel that they have no place to belong. There is a tension between the church world and the art world. Christ John Otto, founder of Belonging House, shows through his experience how the Holy Communion gives artists a place to belong. The Eucharist is sign, symbol, and participation in the promise of Christianity: that we would sit down and eat at the Father's Table. For artists and creative people, it is the inspiration and fuel to be shapers of culture. And for those who feel like they are on the outside, it is the place of belonging.

This book was written for artists and creative people who are called to impact the culture of this world with the culture of heaven. This impact happens when we become disciples, master copies of the Icon of the Father, Jesus Christ.

Body: Where You Belong is the Red Book of Poetic Theology of Artists, a series of big ideas that are essential for artists and creative people to function in their role as culture shapers.

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grace, repentance, artists, belonging, eucharist, metanoia, body of christ, discipleship, communion