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Beauty in the Ordinary

an inspiring collection of readings and meditations for Lent or any time

Samuel Johnson Lindamood

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Beauty in the Ordinary illuminates the spiritual significance and profound beauty of ordinary life. A richly illustrated collection of daily readings and accompanying reflections written by the late Rev. Samuel Johnson Lindamood Jr., Beauty in the Ordinary communicates Big Sam's playful, realistic, humane, and deeply hopeful perspective on modern life. Love and death, forgiveness and friendship, suffering and hope: Lindamood addresses life's ultimate concerns in his friendly, down-to-earth, and refreshingly honest voice. The book is ideal for Lent or any other season dedicated to spiritual and personal growth. During his life, Sam's compassion and wisdom were a profound blessing to his family, friends, and church community; now, through Beauty in the Ordinary, the same compassion and wisdom will be a blessing to anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey.

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