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Enchanted Greenwood

Woodland Tale

Gary G Mehl

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Belletristik / Fantasy


Gary Mehl's Enchanted Greenwood is a beautifully-written fairy tale about an elven sprite named Sven who makes a wonderful discovery beyond the hills and valleys of his community. Sven, who feels himself an outcast, ponders his existence and has deep thoughts, qualities of which the other sprites seem incapable. The once industrious and smart sprites had become lazy and unproductive because Elfdom had spirited away their cares and had taken from them their reasoning and wisdom. Sven's adventures begin one day during his walk when he encounters the beautiful unicorn Graeson. The unicorn leads him to a place of magnificent beauty - a place that inspires Sven to propose a new life of knowledge, productivity and happiness for his people. Mehl's prose-like descriptions of the beautiful wood and his detailed pen and ink illustrations make this an enjoyable book for all ages. Fantastic characters, a bit of humor, and a few little rhymes make the reading even more entertaining. Hidden in this tale are the values of learning history, appreciating and observing the present, shunning indifference, and finding peaceful solutions.

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