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When I Need A Word, God Speaks!

Victoria E Henderson Poole

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Who do you turn to when you're faced with challenges? Where do you go when the emotional roller coaster that life sometimes is takes you on a ride? For writer Victoria Henderson Poole, the answer to those questions was God. Through all the ups and down of life, Victoria discovered that God was still with her and still the conversation of a child, a sermon, a word someone spoke that sparked deep thought, through accidents that turned out to be more than mere stumbling blocks. And not only that, He spoke just when she needed it most, a truth that resonates with us as we experience our own challenges. Drawn from her 'Still Waters' blog, Victoria Henderson Poole shares messages that are relevant and poignant. Each one will encourage and bring you hope as you listen for God's word in your life. The only requirement is for you to be open to listening so that when you need a word, you too can hear God speak.



Spirituality, Motivational, Self-Help, Journal, Inspirational, Religion