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Ice Water Please

Edward A Arana

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Ice Water Please is an honest story about how alcoholism can affect a man and his family. Drinking gave Eddie Arana his highest enjoyment in life and it also contributed to his lowest of lows. He had to figure out a way to lead a life that provided all of the perceived fun and excitement and satisfaction of a drinking life, while remaining sober. Eddie found a way to do it and he lays out the steps that he used in order to get and to stay sober. The stories are funny at times and disgusting at times and very sad at times. The book tells the story about how his parents showed the epitome of the term "unconditional love" and how Eddie's alcoholism came full circle with the heart wrenching discovery of his own daughter's problem with alcohol. Life does not end when you get sober. It gets better and it is a beautiful ride. You do not have to be ashamed or scared to be an alcoholic. Embrace it and, mpre importantly, embrace your sobriety. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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