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When The Seatbelt Sign Goes Off

A Flight Attendant's Life

Nichole L Davis

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


A series of tales, inspired by true events about a recovering workaholic starting life all over again as a single, thirty-something flight attendant based in Chicago. Prepare for turbulence as she explores the world and herself while learning to love, laugh and stay awake on red-eye flights.

By age 30, Nichole figured she'd be living the dream as an up-and-coming international businesswoman. Instead, after a failed entrepreneurial venture, the ambitious and now 33-year-old is starting life over again working as a Chicago-based flight attendant. From Thailand to Morocco, Nichole learns to make the most of life ups and downs as a jet setter on a budget flying standby with little sleep and lots of uncertainty. Sit down, strap in and prepare for turbulence as she learns to navigate a new life, new places in a one-of-a-kind memoir filled with adventures and misadventures.


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