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Unstuck Yourself

A 30-day proven sales playbook that uses neuroscience to improve your sales career

Klyn Elsbury

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In this 30-day guide, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and sales expert, Klyn Elsbury, teaches you how to hack your brain to accelerate your sales career and personal happiness.  Gone are the days when the gift of gab and a few witty quips will score you a deal.  To stay on top, modern sales professionals need to solve problems, exude confidence, and form lasting relationships. Are you looking to improve your sales career? Is your career in a rut? Have you been wondering "Am I doing the right things to create an extraordinary life and career?" With Klyn as your sales coach, you can learn where most sales professionals go wrong, how you can avoid those same traps yourself, and what top-producers do differently than the rest of the team.  It's time to end the excuses and frustrations and UNSTUCK YOURSELF.

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