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Find Your Carrot

Stop the Foolishness! Get on With Your Authentic Self

Ph.D. Jacquelyn Berry

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People need permission to create opportunities and live their best life. The Find Your Carrot brand of motivational content is backed by scientific evidence that isn't preachy and keeps it real.

In this book Dr. Jackie Berry disrupts the reader's status quo by giving them philosophical permission to pursue their dreams. This book is for young people of all ages in need of the courage, motivation, and push to pursue what they really dream rather than what they would settle for in life. In this small but filling book the author serves up a hearty plate of motivation with a piping side of reality and all seasoned liberally with spirituality. Dr. Berry gives the reader permission to follow their heart rather than their mind, or the minds of others, when choosing their life path. Find Your Carrot is about shifting one's focus away from the fear that is the stick in life's prodding, to chasing the carrot which is the ultimate reward when achieving one's deepest desires.

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