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Too Big to Lose


Raymond Kawamata

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Our legal system is broken...

So posits Raymond Kawamata in this scathing indictment of the US justice system. And he should know. When Kawamata, a Hawaiian rose farmer, discovered one day that his roses had been dying due to a manufacturing defect of a fungicide he had applied to his plants, he did what any aggrieved customer would do: he asked for compensation from the manufacturer. This outwardly simple action against the chemical giant DuPont, a $38 billion company, would cost Kawamata ten years of his life, a marriage, and millions of dollars in legal expenses. Why? Because when it comes to the deep pockets of corporate America, it's possible to be too big to lose.

In this must-read, the dirty secret of the American legal system is exposed. Courtrooms are battlegrounds of attrition where justice takes a backseat to the financial strength of the respective parties. And the little guy doesn't stand a chance.

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