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Decoding Cultural Sensitivity the Organon

Jegna Global Alliance

Shuayb Greenaway

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


The purpose of the Organon is to develop the skills and abilities required to be culturally competent. The outcomes of the program will allow participants to apply specific methods and strategies related to cultural competency within the context of their work either as:

1) a community member working with law enforcement and other organizations with authority 


2) an educator serving students in diverse communities with the perspective of protecting and advocating for students of color.

The book focuses on recommendations that will help improving the education statistics overall. Focus on early childhood schooling. Increasing access to early childhood education is another way countries can help prepare students for academic progress later on. 

For example, OECD research finds that in most countries, 15-year-olds who have attended pre-primary education tend to perform better on the OECD's PISA assessment than those who have not, even after accounting for students' socio-economic backgrounds.

Additionally, providing a statistical system for findings and suggestions based on the prevailing issues faced and ways to improve the primary motive,i.e. public safety and rights of all along with the mentioned areas.

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education, Jegna, mentor, leader, legislation, Black History