Destined to Rise

Emmie Hamilton

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Embers of magic grow to flame

Revealing the face of evil

The gods no longer sleep

Faria Agostonna, Queen of Anestra, finally returns home with her son, though instead of a warm welcome, she is greeted by chaos.

Darroc L'Azare's attack on her people leaves them bloodied, weak, and terrified. Although Faria now has the power of the warlocks coursing through her veins, its potential remains dormant until the land accepts her as rightful queen.

After a catastrophic event, Faria and her mate Hunter go on a mission of discovery. While there, they uncover a lie about Faria's history that will severely impact the future of Anestra.

Will Faria make the ultimate sacrifice for love, or will recent revelations tear down the foundations her ancestors built? Will she rise from the ashes and claim her destiny?

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Emmie Hamilton
Emmie Hamilton



fantasy, elemental magic, magic, found family, shapeshifters, good vs evil, elves