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Single Again? How to Live Satisfied Until ...

Erica B. Davis

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Life would never be the same for Erica B. Davis once she entered a conference room in the Richard J. Daley Center in Chicago. After hours of tense negotiations, high emotions, and finally, an unfair agreement between both parties, she was single again.

We all have different experiences and viewpoints on singleness, and goals related to relationships. No matter your status-Single, Never Married, Divorced, or Widowed, and how you got there-you, too, are in "that" category. The classification is no longer bound by age or tradition. Nonetheless, you can live a fulfilling life while not in a relationship. Learn how this highly influential professional overcame obstacles to achieve success in her personal and professional life after sliding into a situation she never envisioned reliving.

By applying the principles Erica used to regain control of her life, you can also chart your course to experiencing pleasure and achieving your goals while temporarily or permanently single. Let's explore ways you can be satisfied in whatever state you're in. It's doable. You truly can be content without a significant other, until ...

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Erica B. Davis
Erica B. Davis



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