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Always, Always Choose Again

a novel

Deb Whalen

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A lighthearted, leisurely escape to Lake Chatuge where Georgia mountain exploits and erupting secrets trail the ricocheting course of a neurodiverse romance.     

Despite her insecurities, newly single biographer Eli Sledge has landed the ultimate celebrity client. Soon after, Eli realizes she may have jettisoned a neuro-incompatible marriage for all the wrong reasons, and along the way, conjured a determined enemy. As soon as she believes that her stars have aligned, her fresh start collapses in scandal. Eli retreats to the idyllic lake of her childhood in the North Georgia Mountains. As she's making an old family farmhouse habitable again, she encounters a few similarly self-exiled women, some glaciered in beliefs still causing far more damage than the mistakes that ignited them.    

They piece their lives back together over a year of adventures, heartbreaking revelations, harrowing rescues, and off-kilter celebrations--among these women who never had the time, emotional space, or trust to invest in friends. For Eli, Mela, Annie Blanche, Beth, Kit, Bernie, and frisky Carly, relationships blossom, wither, and resurrect as they discover how to choose again.

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book club novel, Georgia Mountains Lake, trusting friends, southern women, wholesome mystery, uplifting escape, Asperger's romance