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Alphabet Agents

Isaac Valenzuela

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


"Within the vast multiverse lies a universe where twenty-six individuals dedicated themselves to maintaining peace wherever possible. Originating in Ancient Egypt, the workings of the group were acknowledged by the Egyptian Goddess of justice, Maat. However, one member of the group eventually came to the realization that in this world pain, hatred, and suffering were all part of a never ending cycle; prompting his outlook on how the world should find peace to change in drastic ways. When banished from the group the man was outraged. He swore vengeance on the group and on the man who had replaced him. Once his conquest of vengeance came to fruition, nothing stood in the way of his plans. In death, the spirits of the group were granted the ability of reincarnation. Centuries later, the group was brought together by a newly formed agency dedicated to helping them realize their goals of peace. After a display of personal disinterest among two members of the group a tournament is held that will decide which ancestral spirits will be grouped together for future endeavors."

The journey begins...

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Gathering of the Agents, Multiverse, Egyptian Goddess Maat, Ancestral Spirits, Agents, Alphabet Agents