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America Is Falling, Falling

Robert L Shepherd

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


It was Sept 11, 2001, when 4 planes, piloted by Middle Eastern Terrorists came down, like missiles from the sky? One plane shattered into the side of the Pentagon, in Washington, DC, and another plane tumbled headlong into a field in Pennsylvania, en route to our D.C. capital. While earlier that morning, 2 planes struck the Twin Towers, in New York City, the economic capital and economic building of the world; sending these towers; and people trapped inside, crushing downwards; to fiery destruction and tragic deaths. This day, September 11, 2001, was the beginning or a prelude, to the ending of our great society and democracy called: AMERICA. I am not a prophet of doom, but I am a prophet? Over the last 2 decades, since 2001, I have rapidly observed the corruption and change in America's moral and biblical way of living and thinking. I've seen our Supreme Court, legalize and legitimize in 2015, same-sex marriage; along with other anti-Christ and anti-God, and anti-Bible laws and regulations; which have contributed to moral-slide and decline. And which are contributing to the continuous fall of our great country, America; which was originally founded on a Judeo-Christian foundation. This book is about the continuous, spiritual, and natural fall of America. Let's pray for America to return to God, Today? Tomorrow will be too late!!! Today, America is falling, falling-tilting, to be devoured by the waves of the Pacific, as fires rage and devour our cities? And evil men and evil women; descendants of Adam and Eve, like zombies, violently roam the countryside.

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